Autocue Services from Red Dog

Red Dog Provide On-Camera Autocue and Teleprompter Services as well as expert Operators within Ireland.

On-Camera Autocue Facilities

Red Dog offers the very latest in On-Camera prompting technology. From multi-camera studio scenarios to single camera location filming, all our On-Camera Displays are lightweight and compact, providing flexibility for use in any production environment.

As part of our On-Camera Autocue package, we can provide 8 Inch, 12 Inch or 17 Inch Ultra Bright TFT Displays complete with glass hood assemblies (Standard or Trapezoid), light shields, sensor cue light systems, telescopic rods, universal mounting plates and the various additional mounting brackets to adapt to each individual set-up.

The TFT Displays have an AC Power Input (IEC Connection, 240 VOLTS),
a DC Power Input (4 PIN XLR Connection, 12 VOLT DC), a High Density VGA Input and Composite Video Input/Output BNC connections.

The On-Camera Displays have the capability of being powered via battery for exterior location filming.

Our prompting software is designed for fast-paced production scenarios where reliability and speed are paramount. The software application delivers an extremely high quality prompt output, generating a super-smooth prompt scroll. Extensive features include the instant transfer of data direct from email to prompter. Data importation is also feasible via a USB Memory Stick, CD-ROM, the floppy drive or via a Zip drive.

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